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How The NYPD Auxiliary Program Started

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How The NYPD Auxiliary Program Started

In 1950, the 81st Congress passed the Public Law #920, entitled “The Civil Defense Act of 1950” authorizing a Federal Civil Defense Program. In 1951, the New York State Legislature  enacted the “Defense Emergency Act” requiring New York City to recruit, train, and equip volunteer Auxiliary Police, who would then act as a liaison to the NYPD in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

            In 1967, A Mayoral Executive Order closed the Civil Defense Headquarters and placed full responsibility of the Auxiliary Police Program with the NYPD. During the 1960’s when crime was on the rise, uniform Auxiliary Police patrols were an effective means to deter crime. 

The NYPD Auxiliary Program is the largest volunteer program in the country according to the NYPD. The NYPD Auxiliaries have done millions of hours each year to help deter crime from happening. They help by doing foot post, direct traffic, crowd control and patrol by car and bicycle as well. The reason people join the NYPD Auxiliary is to help the people in the community they live or work in so they can make it a safer place for all the resident's of NYC.

If you are not near or don't live in the 77th Precinct you can call the NYPD Auxiliary and they will mail you a form so you can take to your local NYPD Auxiliary Coordinator in your local Precinct, Housing Police Service Area and/or Transit District the phone number is (212) 289-1000 or you can submit the application online

77th Precinct Auxiliary Unit * 127 Utica Ave * Brooklyn * NY
 * 11213 * Phone (718) 735-0675 * Email: